Michigan Regulators Approved Greektown Casino Expansion

Michigan regulators have approved the expansion of greektown casino.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board has unanimously voted last Tuesday the approval of the Greektown expansion.

The expansion will include four hundred rooms, a three thousand one hundred space parking facilities and a Lafayette pedestrian walkway that will connect the buildings and the expansion of the current temporary casino.

Greektown casino officials expect to open the facilities in September of 2008.

MGM Grand Detroit Casino and MotorCity Casino are expected to open their permanent gambling complex six months earlier. Each casino will house four hundred hotel rooms and one hundred thousand square feet of gaming space, restaurants and entertainment centers.

Meanwhile, Mike Leinweber's company will be in charge of the building of the permanent Greektown gaming complex.

Leinweber announced the current casino in the middle in the entertainment center of Greektown will remain open while the construction of the new casino expansion progress.

The expansion of the current casino will lessen the cost of the project from four hundred fifty million dollars to two hundred million dollars.

Michigan Gaming Board had approved the casino expansion after the Greektown revenues had fell eight percent last month in comparison to the same period last year.

However, the Motor City revenues had an increased of over eight percent last July and the MGM had an increase of over four percent.